Saturday, April 17, 2010

Soul Mate.

Two very simple words, one big punch in the guts for anyone single. But what is it about these two simple words that's really getting on my tits? I mean, is there really just one person out there for us? Are we meant to spend our whole lives looking for them? If that's the case then shoot me now and be done with it! I can't help but wonder, where does the pressure to find 'the one' come from, and why do we care so much?
It's not hard to answer the first part of my question, the second half seems to be a little more complex. For me the pressure is everywhere, just turn on your tv after prime time (when couples are blissfully sleeping away and us single loners are still active,) and you will be told to join a website so that you can find your soul mate. All you have to do is pay a nice monthly fee and a computer will do the rest! Simple! A perfect example of this being, a dating agency claiming to "Help you on your journey to find the one." Even whilst driving to uni and work I'm reminded of my loner status, bloody T2 lanes! However a perfect example of this 'pressure' came last week. Walking to coffee was brought to a halt when I was stopped by a girl that I used to work with, the small talk began and it wasn't long before the question was asked, "Seeing anyone special?" I replied with a simple "No," which may have been a lie, however I wanted a prompt change of subject. I was hopeful, however mistaken. She replied with "Oh it's okay, the right person's out there, and when you meet them you'll be so happy and better for it." Now repeat that quote channelling Ja'mie from Summer Heights High and you get the full effect. Needless to say she's in a relationship and has been for a while. Poor guy. I was so stunned I don't remember saying goodbye to her.
I hate to admit it, but I think she may have answered the second part of my question. Is it the promise of happiness and fulfillment that drives us to seek out this supposed soul mate? Once we have found 'the one,' do our lives become magically more meaningful and suddenly validated? Love can't actually be like Love Actually! Then again, even Bradshaw finds Mr Big.

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