Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ignorance is bliss.

Spotting ignorance lately hasn't been a hard task. In fact, ignorance has felt like a bad roommate over the past few months, smelly, messy and hard to get rid of. As we struggle with life's ups and downs, and long for a bit of mental peace of quite, I can't help but wonder, is ignorance really bliss?

Just to be clear, according to Mr Dictionary to be ignorant is to display a lack of knowledge or understanding. Ignorance being the decision to not seek knowledge or understanding. The later being my point of interest. Personally Ignorance has had a profound impact on many areas of my life, mainly effecting my friendships. Backtracking about eight months and I can find a time when ignorance really took over. One of my then best friends had come out of a serious long term relationship. Although not long term, I myself was exiting a relationship, and for a few weeks both found comfort and support in each other. Meeting her now boyfriend on a trip to Queensland changed everything. It wasn't long before I became second choice. Instead of being excited for her I felt the opposite, ignorance took over and I refused to acknowledge all existence of their relationship. Selfishness and immaturity anyone? I guess what frustrated me the most was her ability to turn everything around and become so happy again so quickly. Something that I've never been able to do. It's been eight months since we've spoken. Ignorance caught up with me again just last week, this time for a much different reason. If exiting a relationship has taught me one thing, it's that you can never expect the other person to change who they are. No matter how hard you try, you can't. Haven't I become ignorant of that fact! Took me a while to experience that Oprah 'Ah ha Moment.'

Ignorance can have such a negative impact on our lives. Personally it has seen me loose a very close friendship, one that I might never have again. As well as allowing myself to be hurt repeatedly by someone who doesn't have the emotional intelligence to understand their actions actually effect people. I invite you to take the time to look back and see where you have short circuited and let ignorance take over. Ignorance, not my idea of bliss.

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